PCOS Support

Ok it’s been a while! I’m just no good at keeping on top of it.

I primarily use facebook and lately I’m getting really annoyed with all the PCOS pages. You either can’t write about what you want or need to add to another page so I’ve created my own group where you will be able to discuss anything you want. Here’s the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/280302590019448/

Look forward to speaking to you there!

New Years Resolutions….Update

So I’m going to consider this a practise month! Theres been a bit of progress though.


Well it started ok. I’m eating less chocolate and cake than before and my meals have been healthier. Cant say I’ve been really strict because I havnt been I’ve been keeping track of my calories and they’re always within my limit so that’s good. Just need to cut down on carbs!


Actual workouts haven’t really happened 😁 I mean they did for a few days. I was doing exercise dvds and boxing but overdone it and was in agony for nearly 2 weeks everytime I moved. I have done alot more walking so that’s a bonus. Got an efit watch to keep me on track and to be fair I walk more than any of my friends so impressed with myself for that.


Has been better, again the watch analyses my sleep and most nights I’m getting 6-7 hours although I feel like I need 10 🙈 still struggling to get to sleep and wake up on time but it’s getting better and I feel more refreshed.

Mental health

Not gonna lie, I’ve had some knock backs lately which havn’t helped. Start to think positively and think I’m getting somewhere only to be let down which makes it even worse.

I’ve struggled with fertility, as I’ve said before you have your monthly (or whenever) period to let you know your not pregnant which is disappointing in itself. Then this month I was finally all set for gyne. Turned up to my appointment, looked at me and said we need to weigh you. Then took me into a room and no lie said ” you need to lose 8 stone before we will even consider seeing you, heres some leaflets about weightloss, have a nice day”. Why they felt the need to let the referral go through just so I could do a 2 hour round journey to be humiliated I don’t know.

Theres been a few other things that have got me down too, but I think I could have managed these had I not of had the gyne incident. I’ve recently started seeing a mental health team just because I am so low and even they commented on how “flat” I was. Told me to go to the drs immediately to get some pills. That’s another issue I dont want to be pumped full of pills! Why is that the answer to everything?! So I’m just going to keep battling through. Booked a mini family holiday so we can have some time and space and come back with a fresh head 😁

New Year…..resolutions

Well happy new year! I’m not a massive resolutioner but the ones I do make never usually stick 😒 so this year I’ve only really got 1 resolution, it’s just that it has a few factors. So my new years resolution is to focus and improve myself.

1. Diet

Ok so I know everyone is on this keto diet but I’ve tried it and can’t stick to it. Instead of going on a fad diet or joining a slimming club I’m just going to make it really simple for myself; eat 3 meals a day, only snack on healthy foods (if any), drink more water, cut down sugar and eat lower fat foods. I really do struggle to eat 3 meals a day. Sometimes I’ll have 1 meal sometimes 2, very rarely is it 3 and the times I eat are so sporadic. I do tend to snack alot on my hungry days and I hate fruit which does limit what I can snack on, nobody wants cold veg 🤮 Water, pretty obvious. Keep myself hydrated and hopefully fuller. The only issue is that I only like bottled water….I know I’m fussy! Sugar, apparently as addictive as cocaine! I don’t know, but it’s bad for you and apart from in a brew I dont think I’m having that much if I clean eat but we shall see. Then finally stay away from crappy foods. So as I said not too strict, hopefully it’ll work. A standard day would be: breakfast- shredded wheat, weetabix, eggs on toast lunch- salad, wrap tea- shepherds pie, fajitas, spaghetti bol etc

2. Exercise

Personally this is a massive hurdle for me but this year I’ve gone all out and brought some new clothes, trainers and sports bra to entice me to do it more. I found some really nice stuff on prettylittlething.com and they had a sale on too. My plan is to walk both the dogs separately, one in the morning, one in the afternoon with my son. I’ve then set aside an hour a day to exercise in the house. I’ve got a few dvds and also created a playlist of short exercises on YouTube. I’m thinking if I keep it adaptable theres more chance of sticking to it. Also have signed up to challenges with friends on Samsung Health, nobody wants to be a loser Haha.

3. Sleep

Another huge issue for me. I struggle to sleep, generally once asleep I’m ok but it’s just getting to sleep. If I dont get enough it knocks me off the next day at least, can’t regulate my body temperature and the mood swings are horrendous. So the plan is to get to sleep before midnight and wake up by 7.30am everyday. Again, I’ve used Samsung Health on my phone to monitor my sleep patterns and I’ll keep a close eye on this.

4. Mental health

This is a very vast subject but a few things I’m going to do are; find a hobby, try to think positive stress less and keep a clean house. The hobby is mainly just to occupy my mind and stop me snacking. I’m currently looking into my family history which is so interesting and keeps you busy. Ancestry.co.uk give you 2 weeks free so you can see if you can get into it but they do ask for card details when you sign up. Another thing I’m doing is OpenLearn, they offer quite a selection of free courses, so why not sign up, nothing to lose by adding to your CV. I’m also starting cognitive behavioral therapy to try and be more positive as this will help massively, I’ve been referred through GP but theres loads of private companies offering it if your unable to be referred. I’m getting rid of all the negative relationships..probably 90% of them Haha. Finally, clean house, clean mind. Well that’s the plan, when your feeling down its the last thing you want to do but I keep hearing all these success stories and if it’s good enough for Mrs Hinch it’s good enough for me.

So that’s it, my new years resolution 🥗😴🏊‍♀️🧠. What’s yours? Comment and let me know, maybe I could steal your ideas. I’ll let you know how I get on in my next post 😁

Money, money, money

Urghhh money! The thing I hate most! The thing that causes the most stress and arguments!

Me and my partner live separately but are both struggling financially, him more than me. So we thought look at moving in together and we would actually be worse off!!

I work part time and my partner works 60-90 hours a week. How is this ok?

The world should be ashamed of itself allowing people to live in these circumstances and worse. I struggle to understand how someone who has a degree struggles to get a full time job and why someone working every hour possible can’t afford to eat.

Even more confusing that living together would result in even more financial difficulty/impossibility.

Sorry I’m just ranting. Yes I am fully aware of support, benefits and grants available but even that would not help the situation.

Fyi if anyone (UK) wants to check if they are receiving the correct amount of money check out turn2us.co.uk, they can also help you search for grants. Also please seek help from your local Citizens advice and/or debt advice from organisations like Stepchange.


Anyone else ever just sit and cry?! No idea why, I just feel so sad. Well I say sad but in all honesty I dont feel much. I learnt a long time ago that i cant cope with emotions. I know this isn’t down to pcos but I dont think it helps.

In the last few years I’ve lost everyone I was close to through bereavement and the people who remain I have shut off from. The actual pain (physical and emotional) that you feel is indescribable and I can”t face going through that again so instead I shut myself down.

It’s kinda hard to maintain relationships though, especially with kids. Of course I love my child but even with him I feel as though I shut off sometimes. Anyone with a child with special needs or any child infact will know that kids can say some horrible stuff like they hate you. Deep down you know it’s not true but you take it to heart. We all need to focus on the positives rather than the negatives, what we have rather than what we don’t have but it’s easier said than done.

Fertility especially is a hard one for me to accept. I already have a child that I should enjoy. I do enjoy (nearly) every second I have with him but I focus more on the fact that after 10 years I still havn’t had another. Although I have finally been referred to gynecology and an endocrinologist so this may help.

I think another issue is that my life just isn’t what I planned. In some ways it’s better but in others it’s just totally different. Being someone who likes to plan and organise this just isn’t working. I have no control on my own life! So all the issues combined with raging hormones and mood swings makes me an absolute psychopath!

So that’s my thoughts for today, nothing life changing but I’m sure they’ll be others going through similar situations who can relate and know that they’re not alone xx

Ok so every day was a little ambitious for me. I have had a lot on- not particularly busy just mentally draining. So what’s been happening the last few weeks.

Exercise referral- has now finished, I lost a whole 1lbs 🎉 better than nothing I guess.

Period – was 2 weeks late. I actually started to think maybe this month. But apparently it wasn’t to be.

Body- has packed up on me. I’m always tired. I always have some sort of pain. Doctors booked for tomorrow. I seem to have swelled, that’s what I’m going with anyway considering I’m supposed to have lost weight I feel fatter than ever.

Mood- is bad. Not just my split personality/mood swings but my general mental health. It’s all getting on top of me and I’ve really been struggling. I even had to just pack up and leave the other week. 4 days I was gone and although I missed my son and the dogs I could definitely do with more time away. I would recommend it to anyone (if you’re able to, I know some can’t).

I think that’s the main points covered I’ll discuss in more detail in the week! I know it’s hard and we all struggle but I just wanted to remind people help is there, you just need to work up the courage/motivation to go the doctors or call a charity.

Exercise 😒

Just completed my 2nd time on the exercise referral scheme and I was amazed that this time I lost a whole 1lb 😂😭. How annoying!

I go swimming 1-2 times a week. Go to the gym 1-2 times a week. Go mountain walking once a week and walk at least 3 miles a day. I also have the occasional game of tennis. In summer holidays etc we’re out the house all day everyday and the weight still wont shift!

Dont get me wrong I’m far from fit, currently 10 stone overweight with a BMI of 43 😱 every time I speak to my gym instructor he just says increase your exercise. Well last time I done that I put on 9lbs! The same as in the summer, with all the extra exercise I can put on upto 2 stone, when I cut down again it drops back off. So strange! Anyone else have this issue?

I’ve seen a few vids saying that if you have pcos less is more but how true are they? What can you really believe online anyway 😂 if anyone has any tips for dropping some weight please let me know.

I wish I could be one of those people who claims to have all the answers to your pcos questions and offers all these solutions but it’s not gonna happy. Sorry