Ups and downs

Had a busy day today. Let’s start with the down and it’s a big one…..negative pregnancy test.

My periods are irregular but they generally come every 70 days so when it doesn’t there’s that little bit of hope. Like in my head its nope, your just gonna have a missed one but somewhere there in the back of your mind theres someone saying this is your month. So you do a test, still a little bit excited. It goes straight over the positive line to the negative line and you feel like you’ve been hit by a car 😟 You stare at it for the next few minutes hoping something will just magically appear. Hell, you even go back to it for the next few hours just to be certain. If you’ve spent years trying it’s just awful. I honestly think this is why so many people with pcos have mental health issues – theres only so many times you can get back in that horse. Maybe I should tell my boyfriend about these tests, maybe it would help to talk about it? He is understanding but I feel like he’d just skim over the matter and not take it seriously and that would just frustrate me more.

Anyone got any coping strategies?

So onto the good news. We had a bank appointment and they said we would be able to get a mortgage. It’s not something that I’d really considered before as I thought we didn’t earn enough for it but they said yes 😁 we still have to save for a deposit which will take a few years but at least its something to look forward to 🥳

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