Ok so every day was a little ambitious for me. I have had a lot on- not particularly busy just mentally draining. So what’s been happening the last few weeks.

Exercise referral- has now finished, I lost a whole 1lbs πŸŽ‰ better than nothing I guess.

Period – was 2 weeks late. I actually started to think maybe this month. But apparently it wasn’t to be.

Body- has packed up on me. I’m always tired. I always have some sort of pain. Doctors booked for tomorrow. I seem to have swelled, that’s what I’m going with anyway considering I’m supposed to have lost weight I feel fatter than ever.

Mood- is bad. Not just my split personality/mood swings but my general mental health. It’s all getting on top of me and I’ve really been struggling. I even had to just pack up and leave the other week. 4 days I was gone and although I missed my son and the dogs I could definitely do with more time away. I would recommend it to anyone (if you’re able to, I know some can’t).

I think that’s the main points covered I’ll discuss in more detail in the week! I know it’s hard and we all struggle but I just wanted to remind people help is there, you just need to work up the courage/motivation to go the doctors or call a charity.

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